Laser Safety

View the Laser Safety Manual.

There are research and instructional laboratories on the UA Little Rock campus that regularly utilize Lasers. UA Little Rock requires that all lasers and laser systems be operated in a manner conducive to both the following standards:Woman researcher using laser.

  • American National Standards Institute, (ANSI) Z136.5-2000, Standard for the Safe Use of Lasers in Educational Institutions
  • ANSI Z136.1-2007, Safe Use of Lasers

UA Little Rock’s Laser Safety Committee has outlined the requirements and recommended details of laser safety, specifically detailed in the Laser Safety Manual (LSM).

What needs to be completed prior to utilizing Lasers on campus:

  • Laser must be registered with EH&S and the Laser Safety Committee (see p. 7 of the LSM).
  • Each laser user must be complete and sign the Laser Manual Acknowledgement Form (see p. 8 of the LSM).
  • The research protocol covering laser usage must be reviewed and approved by the Laser Safety Committee.
  • All laser users must successfully complete the online Laser Safety Training (LAS001) module.
  • The appropriate laser safety administrative controls must be in place (see Section 10.0 of the LSM).

Additional questions or concerns may be addressed to EH&S, via either or 501-916-6351.