Dr. Angela Hunter

Leading Interdisciplinary Studies

Dr. Angela Hunter, associate professor in philosophy and interdisciplinary studies, has excelled in all aspects of her work, but it is her public service that is “simply stellar.” For Dr. Hunter, service work is simply what one does to be a contributing member of one’s own community.

According to her department chair, Dr. Keith Robinson, who added that it is the “sheer all-encompassing range and depth of Dr. Hunter’s service work” and the “generosity of spirit with which she undertakes the work” that is so inspiring.

Among Dr. Hunter’s many activities, she serves as the presiding officer over the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences faculty committee. Not only does she carry out tasks essential to her leadership role, she is seeking to revitalize the group by reviewing and rewriting the bylaws to fulfill all its missions.

She has shown similar dedication to ongoing curriculum revision work in the faculty senate, attending meetings and organizing opportunities to involve faculty. Dr. Hunter also serves in the new Green Dot Violence Prevention Program and became a certified Green Dot instructor.

But it may be Dr. Hunter’s efforts on behalf of the master’s and bachelor’s degrees in liberal studies that have earned her the most praise. Dr. Hunter has coordinated both programs since coming to UA Little Rock and tackled all the service requirements.

Dr. Hunter earned a Ph.D. in comparative literature from Emory University and an M.A. degree in French literature from New York University after graduating magna cum laude with a B.A. degree in comparative literature from Colorado College.

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