Dr. L. Carolyn Pearson

Holding High Standards for Excellence

As a teacher of teachers, Dr. Carolyn Pearson, professor of educational foundations in the College of Education’s Department of Educational Leadership, demands excellence.

She holds high academic standards in the classroom and makes great demands on her students. Even so, they enjoy her teaching, and the more capable students seek additional courses with her.

pearson carolyn.jpg

“Carolyn teaches the advanced statistics courses in the doctoral programs, which our courses most students dread,” said colleague Sharon Ann Richardson, associate professor. “As with most students, the weaker struggle under her, but the strong and capable thrive and actually enjoy themselves in her classroom.”

Her students realize early in the semester that she is an established scholar in the field of measurement and statistics. As a result, they know she practices what she preaches. Pearson can demonstrate relevance to the fields of both educational administration and higher education by providing instruction that is in the context of the professions the students are entering.

While students know she is tough, they also know she will provide the backing and impetus they will need to bring their theses to fruition.

“No, she isn’t the warm and fuzzy kind of teacher. She demands excellence, but she works in whatever way she can to help you reach that excellence,” said Dr. Claudia Griffin, director of the Career Pathways Initiative at the University of Arkansas Community College at Hope.

Pearson was professor of educational foundations at the University of West Florida when she joined UA Little Rock nine years ago. She earned a B.A. degree in health education in 1982, an M.P.H. degree in public health in 1987, and a Ph.D. in measurement and evaluation in 1992, all from the University of South Florida.