Accounts Payable FAQs

How do I know the status of my travel payment?

Once the department has forwarded your TR-1 to Financial Services, the TR-1 will be audited, approved, and entered into BANNER. Once entered into BANNER, it can be viewed using FAIVNDH. Go to FAIVNDH, enter in your Trojan ID number, and it will tell you if the TR-1 has been entered and if a check exists.

How do I find the federal per diem rates?

Allowances for meals are the same amounts as the federal per diem rates for meals. Per diem rates can be found on the TRAVEL page.

How do I get reimbursed for meals?

UA Little Rock reimburses only for actual expenses, up to the federal per diem rate. Original, itemized receipts must be attached to all requests for reimbursement.

How do I find TA (Request for Authorization of Travel Expense) and TR-1 (Travel Expense Reimbursement/Reconciliation) forms?

Both forms can be found on the VCFA FORMS page. For your convenience, click on the form name for a direct link:
Request for Authorization of Travel Expense (TA)
Travel Expense Reimbursement/Reconciliation (TR-1)

How do I find mileage information?

The first source is an Arkansas state map chart made by Rand. The next source is

How do I figure mileage from UA Little Rock to the Little Rock Airport?

Eleven miles. (Procurement Services must set up an accounting line for reimbursement purposes.) Check the “Personal” auto box in the estimated cost reimbursable. The rate for mileage is $.42/mi.

How do I get authorization for a rental car and for hotel expenses which exceed the amount allowed?

Rental cars must be approved prior to travel. The special authorization box is located in the middle of the travel authorization form. Indicate in this box that a rental will be needed and a travel administrator will need to sign for approval. (An accounting line must be set up by Procurement Services for the rental car charges.) In addition, UA Little Rock has a state contract with Enterprise Rental and all vehicles must be rented from them. Click HERE for further information on renting a vehicle.

An explanation of why lodging that exceeds the allowance for lodging must be approved by the travel administrator prior to travel. An explanation of why the excess was necessary and a signature is required by the travel administrator (in the box located in the middle of the page) for approval. UA Little Rock allows the rate to be exceeded if lodging is required to be in the conference hotel by an agreement with the hotel, or money can be by using the higher priced hotel.

How do I know where my travel reimbursement check will be mailed?

Your reimbursement will be mailed to the address indicated on the TR-1. If no address is present, then the check will be routed to your department.

How do I know if my check is ready if I asked for it not to be mailed?

If you put a phone number and indicate on the TR-1 that you want your check held, the Cashier’s Office is responsible for notifying you when your check has been processed.

How do I get my TR-1 processed without an encumbrance or travel authorization number?

You cannot. Encumbrance or travel authorization numbers are required for processing.

How do I pay my travel in the new fiscal year if I have a blanket in the old fiscal year?

You cannot. A new travel blanket must be set up each fiscal year. A new number will be assigned each year.

How do I convert foreign currency to U.S. Dollars?

A currency converter is located at

How do I know the status of payment for an invoice? How do I find out whether an invoice has been put into the system? How do I use FOIDOCH to determine why a check has not printed? How do I handle a vendor calling and saying they have not received a check?

If you know the purchase order number, then go to FOIDOCH and enter in PO as the document type and the purchase order number as the document number. In FOIDOCH you will notice a letter to the right of every invoice. This letter will indicate why a check has not been issued for a particular invoice. R- means the receiver document has not been received in Financial Services. A- means the invoice was recently entered and awaiting the next check process. If the status field is blank, either a technical or budget problem is present.

How do I find my encumbrance number?

If you do not know the purchase order number, then go to FGIOENC and enter in your ORGN FUND numbers. A list of your department’s encumbrances will then be listed.

How do I pay a vendor in a foreign currency?

Foreign payments work best if made by wire transfer. First, get the wire transfer information from the vendor. Estimate the cost in US dollars for the requisition. Indicate on the requisition that it is a wire transfer and then notify Accounts Payable of the need for special handling.

We can also order a foreign draft from the bank. There may be a 10 day delay for the draft to be delivered. Estimate the cost in US dollars for the requisition. Indicate on the requisition that a foreign draft is requested and notify Accounts Payable of the need for special handling. Accounts Payable will order the draft from Bank of America.

How do I let Accounts Payable know that we have received an item?

Procurement Services will give the departments a copy of the purchase order that has “RECEIVING COPY” on it. This is called the receiver. Submit the receiver to Accounts Payable as soon as you receive the items purchased.

How do I let Accounts Payable know that I have only received part of the goods received?

Make a copy of the receiver and send it to Accounts Payable with the items received noted. Initial and date the receiver. If only partial quantities of an item are received, please indicate how many you received.

How do I pay an invoice that I received in the mail? How do I pay for something for which I have no purchase order? Where do vendors send their invoices?

If the invoice has been encumbered, then forward it to Accounts Payable with the purchase order number written on it. If the invoice is not encumbered, then you will need to do a purchase requisition for payment of the invoice. You can call Procurement Services at 501-569-3144 for help with this process.

How do I get a purchase order number in order to buy something?

Contact Procurement Services at 501.569.3144 for instructions on how to prepare a requisition or visit Procurement Services’ website:

How do I spend Foundation Funds?

Call the Development Office at 501.569.3194. Allow extra lead time for payment because checks are printed from Foundation funds in Fayetteville.

How do I get a check held instead of mailed?

If you need to hand carry/deliver a check for goods, services, or registration, please include this information on your requisition with a phone number to contact you. Also, please indicate if you need papers, especially for registrations, to go with the check.

How do I purchase something from a grant fund?

You will need approval (a signature) from ORSP (Office of Research and Sponsored Programs) on your requisition or direct pay request.