Peer Academic Leader (PAL) Mentor Program

What Are PAL Mentors?

  • A Peer Academic Leader (PAL) Mentor serves as a role model and content expert on the UA Little Rock student experience and provides this expertise during PEAW 1300 class time and co-curricular activities.
  • PAL Mentors successfully passed and earned a grade of “B” or above in PEAW 1300 and exhibited leadership skills while enrolled in the course.
  • 2022-23: The PAL Mentor program was piloted with four student leaders.
  • 2023-24: A PAL Mentor is assigned to each of the ten Fall 2023 Face-To-Face general PEAW class sections.

Who Are The PAL Mentors

PAL Mentors were asked two questions (see below).  Scroll to see how each responded!

  1. “What makes you unique or what can you do, unlike no other PAL Mentor, to guide students on their self, major, and career exploration journey so that they are confirmed in these areas by the end of the semester?” and
  2. “Why do students deserve you as their PAL Mentor?”

Najla Abasi | Junior | Biology Major

As a PAL Mentor, I convey a positive attitude to students, reminding them that their efforts will be rewarded in the end. Set aside your emotions and do what has to be done while keeping focused on your objective, knowing that everything is possible if you put in the work and keep going even when things get hard.


Jasmine Clark | Junior | Biology Major

When it comes to the success of others, I have a unique motivation to guide those who are uncertain of what their future may hold. College comes with many obstacles that everyone will eventually encounter. Therefore, as a PAL Mentor, I will encourage you to not only overcome your obstacles, but help you find your purpose.


Rana Olwan | Sophomore | Computer Science

Unlike any other PAL Mentor, I bring a unique blend of personal experiences and professional expertise that perfectly aligns with the needs of PEAW students. Having navigated a similar academic journey myself, I understand the challenges and uncertainties that can arise during self-discovery, major selection, and career exploration. My background in college counseling equips me with the tools to provide tailored guidance, ensuring students not only explore their options but gain deep insights into their own strengths and passions.


Takia Palmer | Sophomore | Health Education

What makes me unique is that I’m a go-getter; I don’t like things just handed to me, I like to put in the work and see the results play out. I can give students “the real” on how the college experience really is because I was one of those freshmen that didn’t have any guidance first coming in. Also, I came from a whole different state, Texas. I’m far from home and I hope to connect with you and get you through this process not just by yourself but with me too. You deserve me as your mentor because I am fun and outgoing and am ready to teach and guide you through this fun journey.


Talia Palmer | Sophomore | Health Education

What makes me unique is I’m very outgoing, adventurous and I’m an identical twin. What I can do is, help expand your thinking and look at your major and career exploration in many different ways so you’ll know if that’s what you really want to do.  You deserve me as a PAL Mentor because I could help guide you into your first semester of college so it could be a little easier. Also, I’ll be here for you if the professor can’t at the moment!


Dawn Summons | Junior | Special Education

I am an adult student, that brings inspiration. I look at my input to be the X in the equation, because there is some work that needs to be done before X is solved. This makes me unique to the group. I will help students think outside the box in order to get to their graduation date. I understand that this is a big step and with my guidance, I will be the support, and motivation needed to finish the race.


Hogan Titus | Junior | History 

I am great at working with other people and look forward to being able to help you find your way through your first year of college. Being a PAL Mentor is a great opportunity to help you learn more about yourself and what you want to do.


Tierra Whitaker | Junior | Civil Engineering

I have always cherished the differences between people. Gradually, I have learned to adapt and grow with others. Truthfully, I am not perfect by any means, but I strive to aid and push every individual to their fullest potential. What I want to be known for is that I too have walked in the shoes of a “college freshman.” The world is constantly evolving, and the school system is with it. Even with all the proper guidance beforehand there are still so many things to be discovered. With the role as a PAL Mentor, I will always be sure to be transparent and open. College is a stepping stone in life, and I will make every effort to make certain it is one of your absolute best!