Peer Academic Leader (PAL) Program

A Peer Academic Leader (PAL) serves as a role model and content expert on the UA Little Rock student experience, provided during PEAW 1300 class time and co-curricular activities.

Meet the PALs

Camryn Wade headshot
Camryn Wade
Mass Communication major with an emphasis in Motion Pictures

I’m currently in my junior year here at UA Little Rock. As a Trojan PAL, I bring a uniqueness of thinking strategically whenever an obstacle or situation presents itself. I’m always able to stay calm and focused. I’m happy to have the privilege to help the next and upcoming generation of students. I’ll be able to help them with a smooth transition from high school to college with the knowledge I gained from my years here at UA Little Rock.

Jill Cates headshot
Jill Cates
Construction Management major

Born and raised in Conway, Arkansas, I am proud to call “The Natural State” home. Following my parent’s footsteps, I am currently a full-time junior working towards a Bachelor of Science in Construction Management with an expected graduation in spring 2024. As an active student, I have a lot that I can “bring to students” as a Trojan PAL mentor. Having dropped out of college after my first semester, I know exactly what it is like to not know what direction to take in life after graduating high school. I worked two years in the field of construction after dropping out, performing a variety of jobs such as electrical, natural gas, and fiber installations. Now back in college, I can help students who don’t know what direction to take in life and what steps to take to help get a better idea. I am skilled in organization and personability, and hope to help make an impact in student’s lives that results in an outstanding and memorable college experience.

Adam Evans headshot
Adam Evans
Geology major

I am very enthusiastic about what I am doing, especially about my studies and work. I feel I can do my best to help a student who is undecided on a major because it is not always easy to pick one. I went back and forth several times trying to make my mind up about what I wanted as my major. My hope is that even though they may enter their second semester as undecided, I may be able to lead them in the right direction to help them pick the one that is right for them or they feel they would get the most enjoyment out of. Being a first generation college student is tough, I know how it feels to not have anyone by your side. I know what it’s like to want to give up. I myself have done that. This is not my first time at UA Little Rock. I hope that I can help those students that are struggling with that mindset to be aware they are not alone.