PEAW Testimonials

College can be fun and challenging. Our first-year PEAW (PErsonal AWareness) course helps you learn about the UA Little Rock campus, offers study strategies, and guides you through self, major and career exploration. Check out what some students are saying about it.

Jillian Langley talks about how the class has prepared her for what’s ahead:

Taking the PEAW (PErsonal AWareness) Class

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Jill Cates recommends the PEAW course for incoming freshmen:

PEAW Student Testimonial

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Gavin Kelly says he learned a lot about being a successful student:

Gavin Kelley

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What other students are saying:

“PEAW 1300 has been one of the best courses I’ve ever had the opportunity to attend. This course not only allowed me to step out of my comfort zone but also find a way in school which I’ll forever be grateful for and I can’t wait to see what next semester has to offer.” – Miracle Johnson

“This course encouraged me to continue with pursuing my higher education. With the information in the course I know that I will go on to be a master student. I learned things about myself and life that without this course I’d either have to learn on my own or learn too late. I’m very appreciative of this course and all that it entailed.” – Jordan Bell

“I really enjoyed this class, I loved you as a professor, you were definitely my favorite that I have had. I will miss you and your class, and I loved the other students in this class. We were very much a community in this class and I made some friends. I felt like the topics we talked about helped me in becoming a better student and I think they really helped me do well in my classes.” – Shelby Lovell

“I have learned so many new techniques and strategies in this class. I’ve made friends, i’ve connected with teachers, and most importantly learned more about myself that will help me grow into the person that I need to be successful in life.” – Jaelynn Carter

“I’ve enjoyed my time in this class overall, even though I came in with the mindset of “I don’t need this, why am I here” While i don’t think I learned as much as other students did since I’m not really the intended recipient, I did enjoy you as a professor and i can tell you really care about the students and want whatever is best for them.” – Brianna Jones

“I have learned how to navigate the campus very well to where I am in every class and in the right class. I have also learned a little about time management even though I still have a lot to work on. I’ve learned how to budget myself when I receive a paycheck. Overall this class has helped me improve.” – Deontavia Edwards