PEAW 1300 First Year Experience

PEAW 1300 First Year Experience Learning Objectives

One of the First Year Colloquium courses available to first year students is PEAW (PErsonal AWareness) 1300 First Year Experience. This course has five learning objectives:

1. Demonstrate competence utilizing UA Little Rock sources.
2. Demonstrate ability to build appropriate connections with faculty, staff, and students.
3. Demonstrate ability to set academic, career, and personal life goals.
4. Awareness of active learning and time management strategies to organize and grow academically and personally.
5. Demonstrate understanding of academic major, career field expectations, personal finances, and strategies to start in career field.

PEAW 1300 First Year Experience Content & Delivery

The PEAW 1300 First Year Experience curriculum is

  • divided into 3 units 1) UA Little Rock 101, 2) College Study Strategies and 3) Career Exploration;
  • facilitated by 2 full-time PEAW faculty as well representatives from academic affairs and student affairs (meet the PEAW Faculty); and
  • delivered via a flipped classroom approach, guest speakers, engaging class discussions, group class activities, and individual class presentations.