Immunization Requirements

To attend a public or private college or university within the state of Arkansas, students must show proof of 2 MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) immunizations, immunity to measles, mumps, and rubella, a medical or non-medical exemption, or birth before January 1957.

Acceptable proof of immunization is an official immunization record from another educational institution in Arkansas, a licensed medical doctor or an authorized public health representative, or military service. Documentation must state the vaccine type and dates of vaccine administration including month and year. Terms such as “up-to-date,” “complete,” “adequate,” etc. will not be accepted.

  • In lieu of receiving the vaccine, immunity can be shown by providing documented evidence of appropriate serological testing – also known as a titer. The MMR titer also can be drawn in Health Services for a fee.
  • Medical exemptions can be provided for certain situations, call Health Services if you have health concerns relating to the MMR vaccine.
  • Proof that the student was born before January 1, 1957 will be accepted in lieu of receiving the vaccine.
  • Proof that the student has applied for or received a non-medical (religious) exemption will be accepted in lieu of receiving the vaccine. This exemption is granted “on the grounds that such immunization conflicts with the religious tenets and practices of a recognized church or religious denomination of which said individual is an adherent or member” in accordance with Arkansas Statute. This type of exemption shall be granted only by the Arkansas Department of Health. PLEASE NOTE: The form requires a signature and seal of a Notary Public and a new exemption form must be completed every school year. E-mail the ADH to request a non-medical exemption form.


  1. If a student has previously received two doses of measles, one dose of mumps and one dose of rubella before January 2, 2010, these doses will be accepted as compliant to the immunization regulations and 2 MMRs are not required.
  2. Students who receive their education totally on-line or via correspondence and will not attend any classes on campus, are not required to show proof of MMR immunization.

ALL undergraduate students should submit their immunization records to the UALR Office of Admissions.

All graduate students should submit their records to the UALR Graduate School Office of Admissions.