Employee Workers’ Compensation Visits

For life-threatening, work-related injuries or illnesses, CALL 911!

For non-life threatening, work-related injuries or illnesses during regular business hours,

  1. notify your supervisor.
  2. call the Company Nurse Injury Hotline at 1-855-339-1893 for advice.  The hotline is accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Please call the Injury Hotline BEFORE coming to Health Services. We can not treat you before you make that call.

For non-life threatening, work-related injuries or illnesses occurring before or after business hours, over the weekend, or while away from campus, contact Company Nurse for a referral.

If no medical treatment is needed, the employee must complete the Injury Incident Report Form. Failure to report an injury before seeking treatment may result in a denial of medical benefits until the employee notifies their supervisor or employer representative.

Prescriptions: Some employees who receive medical treatment for a work-related injury may require prescription medication(s). These employees will be given a Temporary Prescription through Health Services. All prescription requests are approved through Public Employee Claims Division (PECD).  In some cases the injured employee may need additional prescriptions; once approved, a permanent prescription card will be mailed to the employee’s home address.

On occasion, Health Services will refer employees elsewhere for further examination and/or treatment. All referrals or follow-up appointments must be approved in advance by the Public Employee Claims Division (PECD).

Workers’ Compensation Procedures

Employee’s Acknowledgement of Form AR-N

Form H – Health Care Notice for Employees Under Managed Care

Form P – Workers’ Compensation Instructions to Employers and Employees

Injury Incident Report Form – No Medical Treatment

Mileage Reimbursement Form

Company Nurse Flyer

AR Workers’ Compensation FAQ

PECD – Employee Brochure

Public Employee Claims Division