Capstone Project Request

  • If you or your organization is interested in working with a talented team of student web/database developers, please submit your project below. We launch projects every September and February and they are completed during a 90 day development cycle. There is no cost to the organization other than technology-based fees like web hosting. We typically are able to support 10 projects a year, giving preference to non-profit organizations. Project organizations are not limited to the Central Arkansas region, but those outside that area must be willing to meet virtually with the teams and attend the presentation at the end of the semester. If you'd like to be considered please submit your idea below.

    Expectations for Client 

    • Be responsive to students
    • Treat students as professionals with both the expectations and respect that come with that
    • Understand the timeframe of the project and defined end dates
    • Attend end of semester presentations (stay for all presentations, not just yours) 

    What Clients Can Expect 

    • A student team that works hard and learns independently
    • A team of faculty with substantial "real-world" experience that supports the students and clients but that remains in the background without direct client communication
    • A project plan/scope of work that outlines the specific project expectations for clients and students, as well as dates, milestones, etc. 
    • Clients will be asked to approve and commit to this work agreement.
    • A product deliverable that meets or exceeds the deliverable agreed upon in the scope of work