Each semester has technical, business concepts and soft skills components. Each student in the program will receive a Chromebook to use throughout the course. All course materials will be distributed digitally. There are no textbooks to purchase for the program.

3610. Introduction to Information Technology and Applications

The first semester of the Information Technology program contains instruction covering technical, business, and soft skills. Upon successful completion students will demonstrate mastery in the following topics: Information Literacy / Discovery skills, Advanced techniques for leveraging search engine functionality, Working with cloud-based apps (Google Docs / Virtual Machines / Using VPNs), Web-based publishing using WordPress and Wiki’s, Advanced topics in Desktop publishing (Word/Powerpoint power user tips and tricks), Advanced MS Excel / Google Spreadsheets, Introduction to programming fundamentals (Visual Basic 38; JavaScript), Introduction to core web technologies (HTML5 / CSS / Javascript), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Management, Entrepreneurship, and Interpersonal Communication skills.

Six credit hours. Meets Fall semester on Tuesday/Thursday 12:15 pm – 2:55 pm

3650. Guided Applications in Information Technology and Industry Processes

Prerequisite: Information Technology 3610.

The second semester of the program will continue to build on concepts and skills acquired in the previous semester with a focus on advanced problem-solving techniques and team project work. The course will cover advanced topics in web design and development including HTML5 APIs (geolocation, audio, video, data-schema), CSS3 media queries and animation, google analytics, usability testing, designing for mobile devices, and an introduction to server-side technologies. Additional topics include relational database concepts using MS Access or MySql, project management, proposal writing, interviewing clients, collaborative problem solving, team-based communication skills, and conflict resolution. The semester culminates with an applied project with real-world clients.

Meets Spring semester on Tuesday/Thursday 12:15 pm – 2:55 pm

4610. Project Development and Portfolio Defense

The three components are intertwined this semester. Under the direction of an IT Minor Capstone Coordinator, student teams will work with a private sector client to develop a quality IT solution to address organizational needs. These projects typically have both a web and database component requiring students to apply skills acquired in previous semesters. This is accomplished in two phases. The first is Project Planning and Portfolio Development and includes problem identification, needs assessment, and project planning. The second phase, Project Completion and Portfolio Development, includes design, testing, verification, and customer satisfaction. In addition to the capstone project, students will create a web-based portfolio showcasing skills acquired during the project.

Six credit hours. Meets Fall semester on Tuesday/Thursday 12:15 pm – 2:55 pm