Confluence is a wiki—a collaboration tool used to build, organize, and share internal documentation. The content stored here is primarily meant to be accessed and managed only by people with a university log-in account (e.g., the NetID), but information may also be made publicly available.

Getting Started

In Confluence, spaces are where you create pages or blogs and collaborate with your team. There are two types of spaces: personal and shared.

Personal Space

The personal space is where you can set up your own pages and blogs, and becomes the destination any time your name appears in Confluence as a link. Active employees may create their own personal space by following these steps:

  1. Log into Confluence.
  2. Select “Add Personal Space…” from the profile menu (Figure 1).
    A dialog will appear (Figure 2) with an option to create a public or private space.
  3. Decide if you want your personal space to be public or private, and select the Create button.
    Your space will be created.

Shared Space

One or more shared spaces may be created for any official university unit or team by contacting the assistance center. Please be prepared to identify who will manage your space and describe how you plan to use it so we may find the best possible solution for your needs.

Learn more about using Confluence with this Getting Started guide.


This service is for official use by university-affiliated units (colleges, departments, offices, programs, etc.). While anyone may view content marked as publicly available, you must be an active employee to log in and manage content in Confluence.


If you need help with this service, contact the assistance center.