Degree Works

Degree Works is a web-based academic advising and degree audit tool that helps students and their advisers successfully navigate degree requirements. Using this tool, students can easily identify courses that are required for each term throughout their academic career, and bring them towards their goal of graduation day.


Degree Works is for:

  • Undergraduate students who began their education in Fall 2017 or later. If you cannot access DegreeWorks, speak to your advisor about your current catalog year assignment.
  • Graduate students using catalog 2015 or later
  • Law School students  – Check with your advisor


Need help planning your degree? Contact your academic adviser or the Office of Records and Registration.

Have a technical issue with Degree Works? Contact IT Services for assistance.

Known Issue: Login Error: “White Label Error”

If you attempt to log in to Degree Works and are presented with a “White Label Error”, you can log out of our university Single Signon Service by logging out/signing out of any of our enterprise applications, like Gmail, Blackboard, Banner/Boss to reset your connection to our campus services. Then, log back in again to Degree Works at to access your degree audit.

Not sure how to log out? Please note that your campus applications will be logged out immediately on clicking this link so be sure to save any work before selecting the link below! Use this link to quickly log out of campus services Click Here to Logout.