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The MBA program consists of 32-36 credit hours. Students choosing a concentration in either Human Resources or Organizational Communication are required to take one additional course for a total of 35-39 credit hours.

The program includes three one-credit hour foundational courses (accounting, economics, and finance) which may be waived through the passage of online assessments.  These assessments are not required and students may choose to attempt any or all of them.  There is a charge associated with each assessment ranging from $45 to $60.

All incoming students must demonstrate competency in the use of Excel spreadsheets through the passage of an online assessment.  Passage of the Excel assessment is REQUIRED. The charge for the Excel assessment is $48.

Students with more than three years of professional experience are not required to take a one-hour course on career management; however, any MBA student may elect to take this course.

Leadership Skills Development

Embedded in the curriculum is a program designed to help students improve their leadership skills. Behavioral competencies are assessed at the beginning of the program with feedback and suggestions for improvement provided. Each skill is assessed at least three times in the program with feedback provided to help students assess their progress. The program concludes with a capstone leadership experience at the end.

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