Past Student Grant Recipients

Here’s what some past grant recipients are saying about their experiences:

I completed my Master’s Degree at the University of Chicago and now I am a lecturer at Chicago State University. I was able to travel to Egypt and Turkey with the money that I was awarded by UA Little Rock MEST and that experience made me an excellent candidate for the graduate school of my choice. After completing my masters and taking a year long break from my studies, I am currently applying to PhD programs for forensic anthropology and/or bioarchaeology. In the future, I hope to continue working in Egypt and in the Middle East researching human skeletal remains, mummies, the mummification process and the such are my greatest interests.

-Ezra Phillips, B.A. Anthropology from UA Little Rock


I will be ever grateful to the Middle Eastern Studies program at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock, which funded my first journey to Uzbekistan, where I experienced a world far beyond what books can reveal. The generous funding of this grant allowed me to do the impossible: travel to a relatively remote country with absolutely no language ability, knowing that a translator would accompany me to every meeting

-Rachel Golden, M.A. Art History from UA Little Rock, current Adjunct Faculty member for UA Little Rock