The Piano Program at UALR provides lessons in classical and jazz techniques, MIDI ensemble, and also offers a special course for senior citizens, the 3rd-Age Piano Class. For concert use, the Music Department owns two Steinway concert grand pianos and a Bösendorfer Imperial grand. A Hubbard French double-manual harpsichord is also available for study and performance. Our keyboard lab features Roland digital pianos, Macintosh computers, and the latest sequencing software. The MIDI ensemble performs on Korg X5D keyboards, with a Roland Fantom. steinway-b-grand-new-ebony-1

In addition to teaching individual lessons, keyboard faculty at UALR offer a wide range of courses, including Piano Ensemble (duet & duo repertoire), Jazz Combo, MIDI, Piano Pedagogy,Techniques of Accompanying, and Perspectives on Careers in Music.

Piano for Non-Majors, MUAP 1150, is the program for beginners.  Piano Proficiency 1 – 4 (MUAP 1161, 1162, 2161, 2162) offers music majors preparation for the Piano Proficiency Exam, a graduation requirement for all music majors.

Students may earn the Bachelor of Arts degree in music as piano principals.

Study opportunities are also available to those who wish to pursue piano training as music minors or for elective credit. Scholarship aid is available to qualified music majors and minors in piano.

Prospective students:  further information may also be obtained by contacting

Dr. Linda Holzer (Coordinator of Classical Piano Studies) at lrholzer@ualr.edu, or

Dr. Naoki Hakutani (Coordinator of Group Piano Studies) at nxhakutani@ualr.edu, or

For a summary of degree requirements in classical piano, please consult the Guidelines for Piano Principals.