CINS Participates in the UALR Talent Identification Program (DUKE TIP)

Nearly 40 students from across Arkansas learned about the size and science of nano today when they visited the Center for Integrative Nanotechnology Sciences (CINS) at UALR. The students, who were on campus as part of the UALR Talent Identification Program (TIP) Recognition Day, spent time with CINS staff to gain a better understanding of nanotechnology applications and concepts.

The size of nano was explored by organizing tiny items from largest (a coffee bean) to smallest (an x-ray wavelength), all in relation to a carbon nanotube. The concept of the nanoscale was then applied when Dr. Fumiya Watanabe demonstrated the Scanning Electron Microscope and Transmission Electron Microscope, allowing students to see the nanoparticles they had just discussed.

Students toured the new CINS facility with Dr. Enkeleda Dervishi and Dr. Shawn Bourdo, who explained the processes behind “growing” carbon nanotubes, generating anti-icing coatings, creating solar cells, and more.

A key element in CINS’s overall vision to promote excellence in research, education, and development is to train and educate young people and other scientists, all of whom will serve and attract business and industry to Arkansas.

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