About Us

Founded in 2006, the Center for Integrative Nanotechnology Sciences (CINS) is one of the premier nanotechnology research laboratories in the region. CINS faculty, staff, and students strive to create multidisciplinary collaborations, forge long-term partnerships, and engage in technology transfer with partners around the world.

CINS was established by an initial investment of $5.9 million from the Arkansas state government. This investment acted as a catalyst for research in the areas of nanotechnology, nanomedicine, and nanotoxicology. Since its inception, CINS has obtained more than $16.5 million in extramural funding for ongoing research. The Center’s LEED-certified building, completed in 2012, houses a combination of state-of-the-art laboratories and sophisticated instrumentation that is unique to the University of Arkansas at Little Rock. These assets, along with our exceptional researchers, have made CINS an integral part of Arkansas’s academic and research community.

The Center employs around a dozen full-time researchers and administrative staff, as well as a science advisor. In addition, 10-20 undergraduate and graduate students work in CINS labs year-round, doing research, writing papers, and receiving mentoring from our researchers.