CINS Facilities

The five-story, LEED-certified Center, built in 2012, houses over $5 million worth of analytical equipment. The 4,695 square-meter facility meets all federal, state, and local government laws and regulations regarding airborne emissions, waterborne effluents, external radiation levels, outdoor noise, solid and bulk waste disposal practices, and the handling and storage of toxic/hazardous materials. CINS’s advanced instruments focus on structural, microscopic, spectroscopic, and chemical composition analysis of nanotechnology-related materials. The Center runs several instrumentation laboratories, including two spectroscopy laboratories, an x-ray diffraction laboratory, an atomic force microscopy laboratory, and an electron microscopy facility, as well as 10 research laboratories (wet, synthesis, and chemistry and biology characterization).

Our Mission

CINS facilities, tools, and instrumentation, as well as the expertise of our researchers, are shared assets to benefit the community. We welcome outside collaborators, including researchers from companies, other universities, and national research institutes, to take advantage of many of CINS’s resources. The rules, forms, and requirements for instrument use can be found on the CINS Instrumentation Policies page. Approved users can reserve an instrument session on the reservation page.

Note: Our available, in-service instruments occasionally change, and not all instruments are available for public use. The lists of instruments are not comprehensive or guaranteed, and you should contact Dr. Fumiya Watanabe to discuss the availability of a specific instrument.