Bruker D8-Discover

Instrument Specifications

Capable of analyzing very small sample quantities, inhomogeneous or oriented samples of complex shape geometry and possibly with heavy weight. The Diffractometer is equipped with the 2 D General Area Detector Diffraction System (GADDS) for fast data acquisition. The D8 DISCOVER with GADDS illuminates samples with a tuned monochromatic and parallel x-ray beam and the spatially diffracted x-rays are then measured and evaluated using software from Bruker’s GADDSPLUS suite. Key hardware components of the D8 DISCOVER with GADDS are the patented automated Laser-Video alignment system and the patented HI-STAR area detector. Both components enable simple precision alignment of sample features for instant analysis in snapshot or movie mode. Peak to background of the data are close to the theoretical limits because of the unique sensitivity of the HI-STAR detector.

  • GADDS detector (2D wire detector)
  • Also a Point Detector (scintillation det.)
  • Cu-source: Cu Kα line λ=0.154nm 3000 Watts
  • Goebel mirror: parallel beam <0.03 deg.
  • Vertical Eularian Cradle
  • High-temperature Stage (~1400ºC)
  • Laser-video alignment system

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