Cancer Detection and Treatment

At CINS, we are designing and creating nanoparticles that can search out and destroy individual cancer cells.

As our main goal, we are working to improve detection and treatment of a variety of cancer cells, with a current focus on breast cancer. Our aims are twofold: to maximize cancer cell death and to spare healthy cells from the effects of cancer treatments. In vitro studies have demonstrated that our engineered molecules are able to discriminate between cancer and healthy cells. Additionally, using thermal ablation, CINS researchers have been able to destroy the cancer cells in laboratory studies.

Our researchers, who regularly partner with scientists at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, have found that the combination of nanomaterials and an anticancer drug has a synergistic effect: the amount of the drug uptake by cancer cells is significantly higher when delivered with carbon nanotubes, as compared to the amount of the drug internalized when delivered alone. These studies are in the laboratory stages.