Thermo K-Alpha XPS System

Instrument Specifications

K-Alpha is a fully integrated and compact X-ray photoelectron spectrometer that has a high throughput and provides the highest available performance/cost capability with a small footprint.

  • UHV Condition at better than 5 x 10-9 mbar.
  • Maximum sample size of 60×60x20mm
  • X-ray Monochromator:
  • Ag 3d5/2 peak with full width at half-maximum energy resolution of 0.50 eV.
  • Spot size of 30µm to 400µm
  • Charge compensation by electrons and low energy ions (Ar+).
  • Ion Gun: <500 µm spot size, 100eV-4keV, 1uA at 200eV
  • Lateral resolution of better than 30 µm for imaging 128 Channel Electron Analyzer Large acceptance angle of >60°
  • 1.0eV (FWHM) on the silver 3d5/2 with a peak height of 2,000,000 cps using an X-ray spot size of  400 µm
  • Angular Resolved XPS for non-destructive depth analysis of thin films
  • Work function measurements capability