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UA Little Rock Staff Members Chosen for 2022 Academic Affairs Staff Awards

Provost Ann Bain presents Joan Reed with the Staff Recognition Award for Initiative.
Provost Ann Bain presents Joan Reed with the Staff Recognition Award for Initiative.

UA Little Rock has recognized four staff members for their service to the campus community in the areas of innovation, customer service, initiative, and teamwork.

The Division of Academic Affairs honored outstanding staff members with these awards for the first time in 2022. This year’s winners have not only excelled in their job performance but also in their attention to UA Little Rock’s goal of preparing student success, strengthening and supporting the university’s mission, and encouraging creative endeavors.

Maegan Hendricks, scheduling and NCAA specialist in the Office of Records and Registration, has received the Staff Recognition Award for Innovation.

“[She] deals with plenty of people across campus and her years of service have given her an insight into how best to serve the community,” faculty member Megan Evans said when nominating Hendricks for the award. “Her processes are always easy to follow and she gives 110% to the campus every day.”

Hendricks has been in this position since 2018. She has worked with department heads and university leadership since to help restructure and organize academic scheduling.

Maegan Hendricks
Provost Ann Bain presents Maegan Hendricks with the Staff Recognition Award for Innovation.

“I’m both honored and excited to have won this award,” Hendricks said. “I’m proud of the progress we have made and look forward to meeting new future goals as our campus goes through changes. I couldn’t have done any of this by myself, and I’m grateful for the continued support I receive from my supervisors, faculty, and fellow staff.”

Geoff Nash from Blackboard Student Support and eLearning was awarded the Staff Recognition Award for Customer Service. He was chosen for his exceptional contribution to delivering quality service to members of the campus community.

“Geoff is a driving force behind Blackboard,” Hendricks said. “He is pleasant and willing to help everyone who contacts him, and I feel confident when I refer faculty with Blackboard issues to them that he will take action and help sort everyone out.”

Nathan Larson
Provost Ann Bain presents Nathan Larson with the Academic Affairs Staff Award for Teamwork.

Additionally, Nathan Larson, assistant gallery curator in the Department of Art and Design, was awarded the Academic Affairs Staff Award for Teamwork.

“He jumps right into everything wholeheartedly and encourages student participation when appropriate,” Art Outreach Specialist Andrea Tompkins said. “He works well and conscientiously with all our stakeholders, has a true servant’s heart and mindset, and understands the importance and value of positive team work.”

Joan Reed, Higher Education Institute Program coordinator in the School of Nursing, was awarded the Staff Recognition Award for Initiative. She was chosen because of exceptional responsibilities beyond her primary job duties.

“It was an absolute surprise and an enormous honor to be awarded the first Academic Affairs Staff Initiative Award by the Vice Chancellor and Provost Dr. Bain,” Reed said. “What made it even more special was that Dr. Bain hired me into the Department of Nursing in January of 2003 when she was chair.”

Reed is responsible for keeping up with enrollment, onboarding new faculty, managing time of hourly working, and supervising the financial budget within the School of Nursing. She also encourages faculty and staff to be involved in fitness initiatives on campus and organizes the Trojan Food Pantry drive for the School.

“Mrs. Joan Reed is a hero in our School of Nursing and campus community,” coworker Lindsey Baertlein said. “She works tirelessly…even with the undertaking of Workday and all that entailed, [and] excels and motivates others with her inspirational character.”

Provost Ann Bain presents Geoff Nash with the Staff Recognition Award for Customer Service.
Provost Ann Bain presents Geoff Nash with the Staff Recognition Award for Customer Service.

An example of this is when Reed cared and assisted with the rescue of a stray dog she found on campus in Spring 2021. Baertlein mentioned Reed’s notable participation in the dog’s recovery in her nomination.

“Affectionately naming the dog Bella, Mrs. Reed rose above and beyond her regular duties to provide care for her,” Baertlein said. “She began feeding and caring for Bella daily and made sure to find her each day to make sure she had food and water.”

Bella was recovered from Southern Hearts Rescue and received care at Pleasant Valley Veterinary Clinic. Bella’s bill was taken care of through donations from the campus community and Nextdoor members who have followed Bella’s case.