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OVC Honors Hunter as Recipient of Inaugural Outstanding Faculty Award

Angela Hunter
Angela Hunter

Before Dr. Angela Hunter, associate professor of English at UA Little Rock, meets her new students, she is already thinking of ways to get to know them.

That’s why she sends out a survey to all the students in her upcoming classes to ensure that she knows how to pronounce their names, their interests, and if they have any special circumstances that might impact their ability to succeed in the classroom.

“I think it helps to let the students know that I see them as a whole person, and that I am willing to work with them,” Hunter said. “It’s not just about having the students come in, learn the material, and then test their comprehension. I want to meet them where they are and have them understand that they don’t have to hide any problems they may be having.”

It’s her commitment to student success that led to Hunter being recognized by the Ohio Valley Conference as a recipient of the league’s Inaugural Outstanding Faculty-Commitment to Student Success Awards.

“Receiving this award was such a nice honor,” Hunter said. “I thought it was wonderful that the OVC honor faculty that have shown a commitment to the academic success of student-athletes. It helps to highlight all the people who help student-athletes become successful in both sports and academics.”

A professor from each OVC member institution was honored. The criteria included impacts of students, contributions made to the department, university and curriculum development, consistent professional development as well as community involvement and institutional service.

Since joining UA Little Rock in 2004, Hunter has served in a variety of roles from coordinator of the master’s degree program in interdisciplinary studies to interim chair of both the Philosophy and Interdisciplinary Studies department and English department. She’s also worked in the Office of the Provost as the interim associate vice chancellor of academic affairs.

Hunter has been working with UA Little Rock’s student-athletes since she first arrived. She commonly sees them while teaching core undergraduate classes. Her Intro to Mythology course has proven especially popular with excellent feedback from students. In addition to successfully managing multiple course preparations, she actively cultivates a sense of belonging and participation for diverse perspectives and experiences in her classes.

She has also successfully adapted to new instructional technologies in the wake of the recent pandemic to better engage her in-person and virtual students. Notably, during the COVID-19 pandemic, she co-led a series of “Teaching in the Time of Covid” talks for faculty and participated in a faculty Blackboard resource page for faculty working to adapt to the technological and social-emotional aspects of pandemic pedagogy.

To promote student success, Hunter says she likes to remain accessible to students by holding virtual, in-person, and evening office hours. She also stays in close contact with academic advisors in case a student needs assistance as well as lets students know about campus resources like the CARE Team.

Learn more about the OVC Outstanding Faculty Commitment to Student Success Awards at this website.