Center for Simulation Innovation

University of Arkansas at Little Rock Center for Simulation Innovation

The UA Little Rock Center for Simulation Innovation (CSI) is proud to offer nursing students and healthcare professionals access to one of the most innovative simulation healthcare facilities in the south.  Located on the first floor of the UA Little Rock Pat Walker Center for Nursing Education building, CSI is a 20-bed state-of-the-art simulation hospital offering simulation-based clinical learning experiences within a 9,500 square foot facility.  In an effort to serve our growing student enrollment and surrounding communities, CSI stays busy, typically running simulations five days a week, eight hours a day.

CSI offers students and professionals the ability to learn from structured reflection as it relates to their real-life interactions with both real and simulated patients and family members.  This will bring patient care from the bedside to the classroom, allowing students to enhance communication skills in a rich multimedia experience that allows for dynamic content delivery.  These interactions are captured with remote-controlled cameras that are equipped with audio capture capabilities.  Beyond recorded content, CSI offers the ability to broadcast live from the patient’s bedside to any of the three classroom spaces on the second floor.  Our unique ability to record, broadcast, and review allows facilitators to review scenarios with students to foster the development of assessment skills and understanding beyond the simulations themselves.

CSI strives for a high degree of environmental fidelity.  The patient care areas are designed with hospital-grade fixtures for electrical systems, compressed gas, and suction all built into the building.  The School of Nursing contributed over $35,000 toward the compressed gas system and fixtures alone.  Another design feature present that adds to the environmental fidelity is the installation of three Pyxis Med-station 4000 machines. The Pyxis Med-station is the exact same model found in hospitals throughout the world.  These medication dispensing stations were obtained at a cost of over $20,000 each, and contain all the medications needed for students to provide care to the CSI patients on a daily basis.

CSI is a simulation center based on the concierge model in which facility staff provides facilitation and debriefing.  This model requires intense faculty training on debriefing methods that allow for the best possible student outcomes. CSI faculty and staff also concentrate on creating a non-punitive, safe learning environment.  The use of innovative technology to simulate real-life experiences in CSI provides invaluable opportunities for students to foster growth, inspire excellence, and transform healthcare in the community.

Center for Simulation Innovation Staff

Joanna Rostad-Hall, MNSc, RN
Director of Simulation