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Center for Simulation Innovation

The UA Little Rock Center for Simulation Innovation (CSI) is proud to offer nursing students and healthcare professionals access to one of the most innovative simulation healthcare facilities in the south. Located in the UA Little Rock Pat Walker Center for Nursing Education, CSI is a 20-bed state-of-the-art simulation hospital offering clinical learning experiences within a 9,500-square-foot facility. To serve our growing student enrollment and surrounding communities, CSI typically runs simulations five days a week, eight hours a day.

UA Little Rock nursing school

UA Little Rock nursing school

The UA Little Rock School of Nursing (SON) believes in the immense value of simulation.  Every student will have the opportunity to experience numerous scenarios in CSI every semester of their nursing program.  Serving as a safe, non-punitive space to gain invaluable hands-on experience in patient care, CSI’s innovative approach simulates real-life experiences and allows students and professionals to grow and learn from structured reflection with both real and simulated patients and family members.

Pushing the envelope for safer, more culturally competent patient care, CSI values and prioritizes diversity and inclusion in our simulation curriculum.  We strive to incorporate care of underserved populations such as LGBTQ+, ethnic minorities, and veterans in our simulation scenarios.  We believe students who care for a diverse patient population in simulation are better prepared to care for our community upon graduation.

Behind our firm belief that simulation saves lives, The UA Little Rock SON continues to invest in cutting edge technology to further enhance student experiences in CSI.  Across 2020 and 2021 alone, CSI was able to obtain nearly $400,000 of funding for a complete audiovisual system overhaul, addition of Laerdal’s newest SimBaby, and addition of CAE’s Lucina AR birthing manikin.  Due in part to continued support and generous funding from the Walker Foundation, Lucina AR is the most advanced birthing manikin in the world, using augmented and virtual reality to exceptionally train future nurses.

The new top of the line CAE Enterprise audiovisual platform brings patient care from the bedside to the classroom. Cameras and microphones throughout CSI record student and patient interactions for both live review and recording playback. The ability to broadcast live from the patient’s bedside to anywhere on campus completely changes the landscape of our nursing classroom and lecture experience. Our unique ability to record, broadcast, and playback allows facilitators to review scenarios with students to foster assessment skills, understanding, and reflection beyond the simulation scenarios.

CSI is a simulation center in which faculty and staff facilitate scenarios and debriefing. This approach requires intense faculty training on debriefing methods that allow for the best possible student outcomes. CSI faculty and staff provide individualized attention to students, maintaining small simulation groups typically with a 4:1 student to simulation faculty ratio.  This targeted approach to small group simulation and debriefing further enhances the UA Little Rock nursing student’s simulation experience.

To arrange a Center for Simulation Innovation tour, please contact:

Joanna Hall, MNSc, RN, CHSE
Director of Simulation, Assistant Professor

Belinda Nix
Academic Counselor & Enrollment Coordinator