Announcing major changes to the Catastrophic Leave Program

The following changes to UALR’s Catastrophic Leave Program have been approved, effective May 11, 2016. The Catastrophic Leave Program policy and forms are available on the UALR Policy website. Catastrophic Leave forms are also available on the Department of Human Resources’ website under the “Forms” section.

Catastrophic Leave Usage for Spouse, Parent, and Dependent Children

Catastrophic leave allows employees who are suffering from a catastrophic illness or injury to receive their full salary while recuperating for up to six (6) months, if eligible and approved by the Catastrophic Leave Committee. Employees may now apply for catastrophic leave to care for their family members (spouse, parent, or dependent children) who are suffering from a catastrophic illness or injury.

Intermittent Usage of Catastrophic Leave

Another enhancement to the Catastrophic Leave Program is the ability for employees to receive catastrophic leave after returning to work on an intermittent basis or on a reduced schedule after suffering from a catastrophic illness or injury.

Catastrophic Leave Benefits for Workers Compensation Recipients

If an employee is injured on the job and is eligible to receive Workers Compensation benefits for temporary total disability, the employee may be eligible for catastrophic leave. The employee must meet all eligibility requirements and have exhausted all leave balances.

Change to Definition of “Prolonged Period of Time”

A prolonged period of time means a continuous period of time whereby a medical condition prevents the employee from performing the employee’s duties. A prolonged period of time is interpreted to be a minimum of thirty (30) working days. The Catastrophic Leave Committee will now review any absences due to the employee’s medical condition that occurred within thirty (30) days prior to the receipt of the catastrophic leave application when considering a prolonged period of time.

Please contact LaTonda Davis-Williams in Human Resources at 501-683-4458 or with any questions regarding this policy, procedures, and related forms.

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