Disturbances, Demonstrations, and Mass Gathering – LR 210.6

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Disturbances, Demonstrations, and Mass Gathering
Policy Number: LR210.6
Effective Date: November 18, 1977
Revised Dates: November 18, 1977
Most Recent Review Date: –

University regulations prohibit activities that (1) interfere with campus order and access, the normal functioning of the university, or the rights of other members of the university community; (2) result in injury to individuals on campus, damage to individual or university property, or unauthorized attempt or actual entry into university buildings; and (3) present a clear and impending threat to the safety of individuals, to university property, or the university community. (Refer to Act 328 of 1967 and Board Policy 220.1, 11/18/77)

Demonstrations or mass gatherings must inquire at the Office of Campus Life regarding the time and location for holding such events. An advance notice of forty-eight (48) hours is required to allow the university to check the calendar of events to determine appropriate and designated areas available and allow for the university to provide adequate DPS or police protection both for the demonstrators and the university property.

Normally, the designated hours are from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. The right of students to express views through demonstrations and mass gatherings is protected on campus so long as they do not materially disrupt the normal ongoing campus functions, interfere with the rights of others, or engage in the destruction of property. If students plan or participate in a lawful demonstration that subsequently becomes violent and destructive, then only those who personally engaged in the unlawful conduct may be subject to disciplinary action. Students may not prohibit others from free movement on campus and use the First Amendment as a justification for their actions.

Source: UA Board Policy 220, UA Little Rock Faculty Handbook & UA Little Rock Student Handbook
Status: Active
Approved By:Originator:
Custodian: UA Board of Trustees and Department of Public Safety