Emergency Management Plan – LR 203.1

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Emergency Management Plan
Policy Number: LR 203.1
Effective Date: 2009
Revised Dates: March 12, 2020
Most Recent Review Date: March 12, 2020 (Faculty Senate)

The University of Arkansas at Little Rock has an Emergency Management Plan to address the types of emergencies that could possibly occur on campus. Employees should become familiar with the plan and follow the steps outlined in the plan for all campus emergencies.

The UA Little Rock Emergency Management Plan contains information on the authority to declare a campus emergency and procedures for the declaration of an emergency. The plan describes the composition of the Emergency Response Team and the Threat Assessment Team. Other topics include:

  • Emergency Operations Center
  • Evacuation and Relocation
  • Damage Assessment and Recovery
  • Dealing with Disrupted work or academic environment

It also contains specific emergency response strategies for the following:

  • Bomb Threat
  • Civil Protest
  • Explosion
  • Earthquake
  • Fire
  • Flood
  • Hazardous Material Incident/Biological, Chemical or Radiation
  • Infrastructure Failure
  • Pandemic
  • Snow or Ice Storm
  • Tornado
  • Violent Incident

Source: UA Little Rock Emergency Management Plan 2009
Status: Active
Revised: 3-4-2020; 3-11-2020; 3-12-2020
Approved By: Chancellor Christina S. Drale