Sanctioned UA Little Rock Fundraising Event – LR 206.2

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Sanctioned UA Little Rock Fundraising Event
Policy Number: LR 206.2
Effective Date: November 10, 2009
Revised Dates: November 10, 2009
Most Recent Review Date: –


Fundraising events can be important engagement opportunities that yield significant financial resources for the campus. The purpose of this document is to give guidance in planning, to meet institutional event expectations, and to meet engagement and fundraising goals. In order to proceed with planning for any fundraising event, you must receive prior approval from the appropriate academic or non-academic unit head (dean, vice chancellor, director).

Authorization to Conduct a Fundraising Event

After receiving approval from the appropriate academic or non-academic unit head, schedule a meeting with the Office of Development (executive director, director, or gift officer) to review the following items:

  1. Purpose of the event
  2. Target audience
  3. Volunteer leadership team
  4. Advance giving by volunteers
  5. The case for fundraising
  6. Financial model
  7. Proposed dates
  8. Post event follow-up plan
  9. Past and future fundraising initiatives

After review and on the recommendation of the Office of Development staff, the executive director of development will grant permission to the appropriate unit head (dean, vice chancellor, director) to proceed.

Institutional Responsibilities

Office of Development

  1. Share experiences from previous UA Little Rock fundraising events.
  2. Provide alumni, friend, and donor lists from the Advance (Alumni and Development) database.
  3. Update contact information as found.
  4. Accept funds and receipt with proper IRS documentation.
  5. Create a donor record of support in the Advance database.
  6. Deposit funds in the Foundation or UA Little Rock account of your choice.
  7. Create a new event account if needed.
  8. Coordinate the design and production of all event collateral materials with the Office of Communications.
  9. Assist in the identification and approval of all sponsor prospects.
  10. Make sponsorship calls on your behalf or with a member of your event team.

Office of Communications

  1. Provide graphic design services for all collateral material (brochures, advertising, invitations, direct mail, event signage, etc.).
  2. Provide copywriting services.
  3. Should design services or copywriting be donated, the office will approve final art to ensure materials comply with UA Little Rock graphic standards.
  4. Oversee production of printed materials. The office will first seek to print in UA Little Rock Printing Services. On occasion, the UA Little Rock Printing Services may not be able to meet deadlines due to workload or may not have the equipment necessary to print the required job. In these cases, the office will place the job with an outside press or print broker to ensure compliance with UA Little Rock graphic standards.
  5. Should printing services be donated, the office will coordinate with the printer to ensure the job has met UA Little Rock printing standards.
  6. Provide media services including news release production and contact with appropriate mass media—television, cable, radio, newspaper, magazine, and e-news outlets.
  7. Provide space on the UA Little Rock electronic marquee when appropriate.

Source: UA Little Rock Development Office
Status: Active
Approved: Chancellor Joel E. Anderson, November 10 2009
Custodian: Office of Development