Graphic Identity and Visual Standards – LR 204.2

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Graphic Identity and Visual Standards
Policy Number: LR 204.2
Effective Date: November 11, 2009
Revised Dates: November 11, 2009
Most Recent Review Date: –

Every organization and institution presents a unique and defining image, lasting impressions that are not quickly created or easily altered. It takes consistency visually to create and communicate a positive, unifying image. This is the goal of the university’s graphic identity standards.

A strong identity is critical to recognition and preference among students, alumni, faculty, employees, vendors, associations, and the general public. A consistent identity program used by all departments, institutes, programs, projects, offices, colleges, and schools, including the Benton Campus and the Bowen School of Law, ensures that the same image is communicated to every person who has contact with the university.

A strong identity is a particularly powerful tool in the marketplace. A well articulated, consistent, and legally protected identity provides the recognition and credibility vital to succeed in a competitive environment. The university’s visual messages must express the concepts the institution values most: excellence in teaching, research, and public service. All components of the UA Little Rock visual images – publications, advertisements, projects, campus signage, vehicles, videos, website, uniforms, advertising, etc. – must reinforce those concepts.

The basic elements of the university identity – UA Little Rock’s name, athletic team names, signature, word mark, and seal – are protected legally from unauthorized use. While this prevents use without permission, it also requires consistent use and appearance by authorized UA Little Rock representatives.

It is vital that the university strictly protect the application of its brand identity internally and externally. To this end, the Office of Communications maintains the UA Little Rock Guide to Visual Standards for the university. Any and all visual materials produced using funds managed by the university must follow the UA Little Rock Guide to Visual Standards. All applications of the university’s graphic identity must meet these guidelines. Interpretation or questions about the manual or applications not covered by the guide is at the discretion of the Office of Communications. Standards and guidelines are located online on the Communications & Marketing website.

To help ensure the integrity of the graphic standards, all university personnel must access services of the UA Little Rock Printing Services for printing and copying for projects that are outside the scope of university departmental or office printers and copiers. If Printing Services is unable to accommodate printing or duplicating requests because of equipment limitations or workload constraints, Printing Services will engage a qualified printing or duplicating vendor to fulfill the order.

Source: UA Little Rock Communications Office
Status: Active
Approved By: Bill Walker, VCUA, Nov. 11, 2009
Custodian: Office of Communications and Marketing