Official Seal of the University – LR 202.2

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Official Seal of the University
Policy Number: LR 202.2
Effective Date: November 17, 1975
Revised Dates:
Most Recent Review Date:

  1. The official seal of the University of Arkansas is the property of the Board of Trustees, and the vice president for finance and administration is the custodian of the official seal.
  2. The registrar at each campus is authorized to procure a seal for use by his office. The seal should identify the campus and bear the following words: “Official Seal of the Registrar”

Source: University-wide Administrative Memo, November 17, 1975
Status: Active
Approved By: UA Board of Trustees, Nov. 17, 1975
Custodian: UA Board of Trustees