Public Relations and Media Relations – LR 204.1

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Public and Media Relations
Policy Number: LR 204.1
Effective Date: November 11, 2009
Revised Dates: November 11, 2009
Most Recent Review Date: –

No public relations policy that would affect the entire campus may be initiated and no significant news may be distributed without notification, consultation, and approval of the university’s director of communications or designee within the Office of Communications and Marketing.

The office authorizes the release of news and video to the media about the university. Any request from the media for information (printed, electronic, spoken, or visual) is to be directed to the Office of Communications and Marketing, which will respond to the request. This includes requests that are made to university departments, institutes, programs, projects, offices, colleges, and schools, including the Benton Campus and the Bowen School of Law. The only exceptions to this policy are sports-specific publicity.

To maintain quality standards, the office provides guidance, consultation, and editorial advice and style standards on the writing and production of official campus publications and informational materials for both internal and external audiences. All printed communications must comply with graphic standards maintained and enforced by the Office of Communications and Marketing. The creation of such communications tools must be done in concert with the office.

Departments and/or faculty who have news regarding important conferences and events, recently published books, research, significant awards, or other news of broad public interest should inform the Office of Communications and Marketing. The director of communications will set priorities for offering support or providing advice and consultation in planning external communication and media contacts.

The director of communications, under the supervision of the vice chancellor for university advancement, is the official spokesperson representing the campus with the external media in all emergency situations or those situations that may have potentially negative implications. When such a situation arises, individuals or units involved should contact the Office of Communications and Marketing immediately. All media calls must be directed to the spokesperson under emergency circumstances. No statements may be made to the media during such emergency situations without the approval of the director of communications or designee within the Office of Communications and Marketing.

Source: Chancellor’s Administrative Memo, August 27, 1997
Status: Active
Approved By: Bill Walker, VCUA, Aug. 27, 1997
Custodian: Department of Communications