Grant Release Salaries – LR 302.4

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Grant Release Salaries
Policy Number: LR 302.4
Effective Date: August 4, 2023
Revised Dates: August 4, 2023; July 2013; November 2009; July 2007;
April 2007; September 2006; May 2004; April 2001; July 2000; July 1997;
September 1996; July 1996; May 1995, December 1995
Most Recent Review Date: July 21, 2023


The purpose of this policy is to ensure understanding of disbursement of grant release salaries.

Faculty Grant Release

Prior to release of these dollars to the college/school, an amount to cover the per course cost of lecturer salaries as determined by the provost will be transferred to the provost’s instructional reserve. The remainder will be returned to the college/school.

Each college/school should develop a policy statement for approval as to how such returned funds will be disbursed considering the college/school, departments, and projects involved. It is not assumed that the principal investigator or the project will automatically receive these dollars. If incentives for faculty salaries are offered, the dollars to pay the incentives will come from the grant release salaries.

In addition, it is critical that the institution maximize indirect cost income by being proactive in the early stages of the grant application process. Therefore, the following should be considered standard operating procedure:

  • If a grantor will pay indirect costs, they must be requested at the maximum rate;
  • If a grantor will not pay for indirect costs, that fact must be documented, and the documentation must accompany the proposal during the on-campus approval process;
  • Any “giving away” of indirect cost income in an application must be approved in advance by the chancellor.;
  • The vice provost of research is responsible for informing grant proposers of these expectations and for monitoring compliance with them.

Source: University-wide Administrative Memo, July 1, 1993
Status: Active
Approved By: Chancellor Christina Drale
Originator: Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration
Custodian: Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration