Newspaper Racks on UA Little Rock Campus – LR 308.8

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Newspaper Racks on UA Little Rock Campus
Policy Number: LR 308.8
Effective Date: January 28, 2014


The purpose of this policy is to establish requirements and standards for the placement of all racks of newspaper with general circulation. A newspaper with general circulation is issued at least once a week (daily newspapers are included in this description) and intended for general distribution and circulation. The university reserves the right to determine if a publication meets the definition.

The university has designated appropriate locations on campus for the placement of newspaper distribution racks. All distributors wishing to distribute non-university related publications must abide by this policy which establishes the location and method of permitted distribution. The racks shall be placed in manners that allow proper usage, pedestrian traffic flow, aesthetics, and non-interference with regular university activities. Only one newspaper rack per publication is permitted at each of the designated sites. Newspaper editors may choose to distribute their newspapers at some or all of the designated distribution points.

No news rack shall have need for electronic support, nor will it have electronic signage or be used for advertising or promotional purposes, other than announcing the name and/or address, including website address, of the publication being offered for distribution. The display of a copy of the publication being dispensed shall not be deemed advertising.

Coin-operated newspaper vending machines shall be maintained and appropriately serviced by the newspaper or its designee. A contact name and telephone number for refunds and customer complaints may be affixed to the machine.

This policy will also establish requirements for the removal of previous editions of publications, require removed material to be disposed of off of university property, prohibit filling distribution racks beyond normal rated capacity, placing publications on hallway floors, affixing or displaying advertising on distribution racks, and using racks that are not aesthetically pleasing, as determined by an assigned committee.

If the distributor ceases to maintain the distribution based on their publication’s schedule, the rack should be removed from the campus within two weeks.

The campus prohibits the distribution of publications if the distributor fails to follow the policy. Reasonable efforts will be made to work with any distributor in order to establish compliance with the policy.

The campus will dispose of publications and racks discovered in campus buildings or on campus property that are found to be in violation of this policy.

Interested distributors are asked to fill out an application on an annual basis. This application is due January 1 of each calendar year. On the application, each distributor is asked to furnish the name, address, email, and phone number of the person responsible for the distribution of his or her publication and to update that information during the year with applicable changes. Distributors may be asked to furnish copies of their newspapers with the application for the committee to review. Approved distributors will be notified in writing. Please call Procurement Services at 501-916-3144 to request an application.

Approved By: Chancellor Joel E. Anderson, January 28, 2014
Custodian: Office of Procurement Services