Minimum Enrollment Standards – 605.3

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Minimum Enrollment Standards
Policy Number: 605.3
Effective Date: January 7, 1983


Effective with the Fall Semester of 1983 the following minimum class size will apply to all on-campus and off-campus courses with the exception of the list below:

Lower Division 14
Upper Division 10
First Professional 5
Graduate 5
  • Dissertation
  • Thesis
  • Internship
  • Student Teaching
  • Directed Teaching
  • Directed Readings
  • Special Problems
  • Special Projects
  • Special Topics
  • Field Studies
  • Honors
  • Research
  • Private Lessons
  • Practicum
  • Portfolio
  • Labs (with limited space)
  • Independent Study
  • Law Journal

Download exception to policy form.

Courses that do not meet the minimum enrollment standard three days before the start of classes should be cancelled unless there is a compelling reason to make an exception. Department chairs must request exceptions on the Exception to Minimum Enrollment Request form prior to the beginning of the summer term. The request is approved or denied by the dean, the provost, and the chancellor.

Courses that are exempted from this policy include the following*:

Dissertation Special Problems Private Lessons
Thesis Special Projects Practicum
Internship Special Topics Portfolio
Student Teaching Field Studies Labs (with limited space)
Directed Teaching Honors Independent Study
Directed Readings Research Law Journal

*Source: Board of Trustees University-Wide Administrative Memorandum 640.1, January 7, 1983

Source: University-wide Memorandum, January 7, 1983
Approved By: S. Robertson
Custodian:  Provost