(Decommissioned) HazMat Response Team – LR 701.21

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: HazMat Response Team
Policy Number: LR 701.21
Effective Date:  November 20, 2013
Revised Dates: September 25, 2008; April 22, 2009;  November 20, 2013; November 3, 2023
Most Recent Review Date: November 3, 2023


The UALR Environmental Health and Safety Committee has appointed a team to respond to incidents, accidents, or emergencies involving hazardous materials of a chemical, biological, or physical nature. Each member of the team is certified through the Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER) program. The UALR HazMat Team was instituted to provide first response capability in the event of a chemical spill or other hazardous material emergency to accurately assess dangerous environments and act accordingly to ensure the health and welfare of UALR faculty, staff, and students. The team consists of four members, as follows:

Vince Rodgers, Environmental Health and Safety
(O) 501-916-6351
(M) 501-765-2517

Dr. Darin Jones, Chemistry Department
(O) 501-916-5113
(M) 314.223.5275

Dr. Julian Post, GIT
(O) 501-569-8041
(M) 501-538-4879

The team has access to technical advisors to assist in critical decision making. Those advisors are:

Dr. Keith Hudson, Radiation and Chemical Safety
Dr. Jeff Gaffney, Chemical Safety
Dr. Nawab Ali, Radiation and Chemical Safety
Dr. Robert Sikes, Biological Safety
Bob Elder, Biological Safety
Sandra Vail, Direction Facilities Services – General Consultant
David Millay, Assoc. Vice Chancellor of Facilities Management – General Consultant

In the event of a hazardous material spill or if a suspected hazardous material is released, notify the UALR Facilities Management Operations Center at 501-569-3390, the Department of Public Safety at 501-916-3400, or call 911.

HazMat Response Team Flowchart

Source: Environmental Health and Safety
Status: Decommissioned
Approved By: Environmental Health and Safety Committee
Custodian: Environmental Health and Safety