Logos on Buildings and Facilities – LR 702.7

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Logos on Buildings and Facilities
Policy Number: LR 702.7
Effective Date: June 17, 2014
Revised Dates:
Most Recent Review Date:


This policy establishes the procedures and standards for the University of Arkansas at Little Rock in connection with the placement of university logos, marks, and emblems on university buildings. It is the intent of this policy to establish and ensure a uniform and consistent application of the placement of logos, marks, and emblems on university buildings.

In recognition of the fact that university logos, marks, and other distinguishing types of emblems tend to change over time, the following criteria will be applicable to placement of these items on university buildings and facilities:

  1. Main Campus Buildings. Names of buildings on the main campus will have the name of the building displayed on the building. The lettering will be consistently applied to all buildings throughout the campus. Logos will not be placed on the exterior of buildings and facilities on the main campus. Old or out-of-date logos currently attached to existing buildings will be removed at the time of major renovation or refurbishing of the building and will not be replaced.
  2. Off-Campus Buildings. Buildings located at off-campus sites such as the law school or Benton Center may have a distinguishing logo or mark on the building with prior approval of the chancellor.
  3. Athletic Facilities. The athletic department may display current logos and/or mascot emblems on athletic facilities.

Letter demoting official building names which is affixed to university buildings will be consistent in size and material and must be approved by the associate vice chancellor for facilities management prior to installation.

Source: Initial Policy
Status: Active
Approved: Dr. Joel Anderson, Chancellor
Custodian: Vice Chancellor for Finance and Administration