Naming Buildings – LR 702.4

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Naming Buildings
Policy Number: LR 702.4
Effective Date: December 8, 1956
Revised Dates: 
Most Recent Review Date:


When a university building is to be named in honor of some individual, it shall be named in memory of a person who, during his or her lifetime, gave significant service to the university, except that (1) the Board endorses in principle the naming of a building for an individual who, from his or her personal resources, has made a substantial contribution, in relation to total costs, toward construction of said building; and (2) the Board will consider without prejudice, when circumstances warrant, the naming of a building for an emeritus faculty or staff member who has spent a large part of his or her professional career in the service of the university and who, during a certain period of service, made noteworthy contributions to the progress and welfare of the university.

Source: UA Board of Trustees Policy 720.1, December 8, 1956
Status: Active
Approved By: UA Board of Trustees