(Decommissioned) Power Tool Safety – LR 701.27

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Power Tool Safety
Policy Number: LR 701.27
Effective Date: May 6, 2008
Revised Dates: November 3, 2023
Most Recent Review Date: November 3, 2023


It is the policy of the university to notify all affected employees of the elements of the Power Tool Safety Program and to expect those employees to follow safe practices when using power tools.

Inventory Form

The Office of Risk Management has developed a power tool inventory form (see Appendix B) to assist departments in listing their tools.

Inspection/ Maintenance


All students/employees must sign an Acknowledgement Training Form (see Appendix A) after receiving training. The original copy should be maintained by the trainer and a second copy forwarded to Risk Management.


The purpose of this policy is to outline the Power Tool Safety Policy in accordance with OSHA regulations cited below.


Each department shall be responsible for the safe condition of tools and equipment used by employees, including tools and equipment which may be furnished by employees.


The EH&S Office is requesting that the person in charge of power tools within their departmental shops implement a safety training program featuring the elements listed below.

Shop Regulations

Regulations will include hours that shop may be used, persons permitted to use equipment, supervision required, recommended personal protective equipment, and any other pertinent information regarding the safe operation of the tools and equipment within the shop. A copy of the regulations should be posted in the shop and used as part of your training program.

Employee/Student Training

All employees and students should receive instruction on shop regulations and the safe use of each power tool. Train employees to select the right tools for each job.

The training should be conducted on an annual basis for employees, and each semester for students. No persons should be permitted to use any power tools until they have received such training. The tool’s operation manual should be made available to employees/students. The Office of Risk Management is available to conduct power tool safety training.

  • Tools shall be inspected at regular intervals and shall be repaired in accordance with the manufacturers’ specification.
  • Before using a tool, the operator shall inspect it to determine that all operating moving parts operate and that is clean.
  • Power tools shall be maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications.


29 CFR 1910.242 Hand and Portable Powered Tools and Equipment
29 CFR 1910.243 Guarding of Portable Powered Tools
29 CFR 1910.244 Other Portable Tools and Equipment

Source: Risk Management and Environmental Health
Status: Decommissioned
Approved By: Risk Management and Environmental Health and Safety Committees, May 6, 2008
Custodian: EHS Committee