Career Service Recognition Payments – LR 402.3

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Career Service Recognition Payments
Policy Number: LR 402.3
Effective Date: July 24, 2019
Revised Date: November 11, 2013; July 24, 2019
Last Reviewed Date: July 24, 2019


Classified and non-faculty employees of institutions of higher education shall become eligible for annual career service recognition payments upon completion of ten (10) years of cumulative state service in a classified or non-faculty position with a state agency or an institution of higher education within the State of Arkansas.

All service in a classified or non-faculty position may be counted toward the eligibility requirements for career service recognition payments. It is not required that state service be continuous to establish eligibility. Employees are eligible for annual career service recognition payments on the anniversary date of the completion of state service according to the following schedule:

State Service Annual Payment
10 through 14 years of state service $800
15 through 19 years of state service $1,000
20 through 24 years of state service $1,200
25 or more years of state service $1,500

Part-time employees in regular classified or non-faculty positions may receive annual career service payments on a pro-rata basis. Employment in a student, graduate assistant, post-doctoral fellow, temporary position, or faculty position is excluded from the years-of-service calculation. Periods of authorized leave without pay and leave of absence for military service when veteran’s re-employment rights are exercised shall not negate eligibility for the payment.

Career service payments will be paid with the last payroll during the month of the employee’s career service anniversary date. Career service payments shall be subject to withholding at a higher rate as determined by IRS regulations for applicable state and federal taxes and shall be included by retirement systems to determine benefits.

Newly hired employees within the first three months of employment are responsible for contacting all past state employers to request a Proof of Service Form to be completed and forwarded to UA Little Rock’s Department of Human Resources. Only full-time, non-faculty service may be used to determine eligibility for career service payments. Career service payments for new hires will be paid on the employee’s future career service anniversary date after all Proof of Service Forms are received in UA Little Rock’s Department of Human Resources. Career service payments may not be paid retroactively.

The Office of Personnel Management under the Department of Finance and Administration shall establish and publish policies and procedures for the administration of career service recognition payments to state employees upon a determination by the Chief Fiscal Officer of the state that sufficient funds are available for such purpose.

Source: Act 914 of 2019 Career Service Payments
Status: Active
Approved By: Chancellor Joel E. Anderson
Custodian: Department of Human Resources
Originator: Department of Human Resources