Children’s Educational Activity Leave – Act 1028 – LR 402.69

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Children’s Educational Activity Leave – Act 1028
Policy Number: LR 402.69
Effective Date: February 26, 2014


All full-time employees shall be entitled to eight (8) total hours of leave, regardless of the number of children, during any one (1) calendar year for the purpose of attending or assisting with the educational activities or interscholastic activities of a child.

Children’s Educational Activity Leave that is unused may not be carried over to the next year. Any unused Children’s Educational Activity Leave is not eligible for payout upon termination and/or retirement.

An educational activity must be related to any school-sponsored activity, including, without limitations:

  • A parent-teacher conference
  • Participation in school-sponsored tutoring
  • Participation in school-sponsored volunteer program
  • A field trip
  • A classroom program
  • A school committee meeting
  • An academic competition
  • Assisting with athletic, music, or theater programs
  • A prekindergarten program (educational/child development program – at least three years of age)
  • An interscholastic activity for home-schooled students

A child is a person enrolled in pre-kindergarten through grade 12, including a home-schooled student, who is of the following relation to a full-time employee:

  • Natural child
  • Adopted child
  • Step-child
  • Foster child
  • Grandchild
  • Ward of the state that the full-time employee has been appointed the person’s legal guardian or custodian
  • Any other legal capacity where the full-time employee is acting as a parent for the child

A child may also relate to a person who meets the criteria above but is over eighteen (18) years of age and has a developmental disability or is declared legally incompetent.

The supervisor must approve the leave request before the leave may be taken. Leave shall be granted if the employee’s time off will not interfere with the efficient operation of the office.

Source: Children’s Educational Activities Leave – OPM Policy 50.13
Approved By: Chancellor Joel E. Anderson, February 26, 2014
Custodian: Department of Human Resources