Syllabus, Office Hours, and Regular and Substantive Contact – LR 404.8

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Syllabus, Office Hours, and Regular and Substantive Contact
Policy Number: LR 404.8
Effective Date: April 8, 2021
Revised Date: April 8, 2021
Most Recent Review Date: March 19, 2021


Every approved course must have a concise statement outlining the main points of study and the procedures used in the course. This statement must be delivered to the student at the beginning of the course, no later than the end of the schedule adjustment period. Changes during the operation of the course must be communicated to the students in a timely manner. A multi-page syllabus must include page numbers.

This statement must contain the following:

  1. The university-approved course prefix, number, course description, and prerequisites.
  2. The university-approved disability statement (see Faculty Senate legislation, FS_2011-12_01, 9/23/2011) with current contact information for the Disability Resource Center.

“Your success in this class is important to me, and it is the policy and practice of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock to create inclusive learning environments consistent with federal and state law. If you have a documented disability (or need to have a disability documented) and need an accommodation, please contact me privately as soon as possible, so that we can discuss with the Disability Resource Center (DRC) how to meet your specific needs and the requirements of the course. The DRC offers resources and coordinates reasonable accommodations for students with disabilities.  Reasonable accommodations are established through an interactive process among you, your instructor(s) and the DRC. Thus, if you have a disability, please contact me and/or the DRC. For more information, please visit the DRC website at”

  1. The university-approved inclement weather policy (215.1), including course instructor directions to the students about whether and how the class will continue to meet via an alternate modality, means or method if the campus experiences a closure or delayed start. These directions are referred to as the “Virtual Protocol.”
  2. An academic integrity statement.
  3. The program-approved, measurable course learning objectives as required by the Credit Hour Policy (see 404.11). There must be at least one course objective.
  4. Any deviations from the Standard Credit Hour (see Credit Hour Policy, 404.11)
  5. The instructor-approved required materials, such as textbook and technologies needed to participate in the course.
  6. The instructor’s attendance policy (see Attendance and Withdrawal Policy, 404.4)
  7. The instructor’s grading policy, which must describe how the final grade will be determined and what course assignments (e.g., exams, homework, artifacts, projects) will be required.
  8. The instructor’s late/make-up policy.
  9. The instructor’s statement on Regular and Substantive Contact, which is a clear statement explaining the following:
    1. Office Hours: The method(s) and scheduled time(s) the instructor will use to be available for student-initiated contact (for example, virtual office hour meetings, message/email, phone call, chat, meeting in person, a combination of several, or other) during business hours, as well as an expectation for method of contact outside of business hours (i.e., weekends and holidays);
    2. Instructor Presence: The expected regularity of instructor-to-student interaction and how it is distributed throughout the term (this will vary based on the type of course, modality, length of course term, and specific course activities). If there is a need for interruption of interaction for an extended period, the instructor should announce this interruption to the class.

The Instructor may include additional information beyond these required items.

Citation and Modification

This policy must be cited in any curricular documents that excerpt it (such as the Undergraduate Catalog), and the Faculty Senate Executive Committee (or their designee) should review those documents before they are finalized. Wherever there is a substantive conflict between the document which quotes this policy and this policy, this policy shall be followed.

The policy can be modified through legislative action of the Faculty Senate (see Article III of the Constitution of the Assembly of the University of Arkansas at Little Rock).

Unless otherwise specified in the legislation, changes to this policy take effect in the Fall semester of the nine-month academic year subsequent to the approval of the legislation.

Source:  Faculty Senate Minutes (3/19/2021; 1/19/2018; 9/23/2011)
Status:  Active
Approved By:  Chancellor Christina Drale
Originator:  Faculty Senate
Custodian: Faculty Senate