Distinguished Professorships – 403.19

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Distinguished Professorships
Policy Number: 403.19
Effective Date: September 19, 1980


The rank of distinguished professor is to be reserved for those individuals who are recognized nationally and internationally as intellectual leaders in their academic disciplines for extraordinary accomplishments in teaching; for published works, research, or creative accomplishments in the performing arts; or for other endeavors, and who have gained such recognition for distinction at this or another university prior to appointment as distinguished professors.

Appointments to this rank shall be made only when clear indication exists that individuals so appointed will provide exemplary academic and intellectual leadership and continue their professional activities in such a way as to maintain national and international recognition and a commensurate level of accomplishment.

Source: UA Board Policy 470.1, May 7, 1955 and UALR Faculty Handbook 2000
Revised: September 19, 1980 (470.1)
Approved by: Chancellor
Custodian: Provost