Extra Compensation – LR 402.27

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Extra Compensation
Policy Number: LR 402.27
Effective Date: August 7, 1995
Revised Dates: August 7, 1995; February 6, 1984; September 4, 1979; January 1, 1979; October 4, 1978; November 17, 1975
Most Recent Review Date: August 7, 1995



In accomplishing its mission, the university’s greatest resource is its personnel. The purpose of this policy is to provide flexibility, within appropriate guidelines, in order to permit the most effective use of the time and talents of university personnel.


  1. The salary of a full-time employee of the university is intended as compensation for all regularly assigned activities performed for or in the name of the university.
  2. An employee may be called upon from time to time to perform additional tasks over and above regularly assigned duties for which he or she may receive extra compensation.


  1. An employee must be certified by his or her dean or supervisor as working a full load in addition to the activity for which extra compensation is being recommended.
  2. The work for extra compensation shall not interfere with the regular duties of the individual, as certified by the dean or supervisor.
  3. The request for extra compensation should be approved by the dean or equivalent officer in advance of performance of the work.
  4. Federal funds may not be used to pay extra compensation unless specifically authorized by the sponsoring agency.
  5. Extra compensation for an individual must be consistent with any applicable state and federal laws and regulations and with any applicable accreditation standards or criteria.
  6. Extra compensation must not result in a conflict of interest.
  7. University funds will not be used for extra compensation for speeches, public appearances, etc., which are civic, public relations, or development activities.
  8. University funds will not be used for extra compensation for such scholarly activities as research, research consultation and collaboration, or creative works considered part of normal faculty duties.
  9. The institutional policy that an employee may not, through extramural funding, achieve a raise in his or her base annual salary is here reaffirmed.
  10. An employee’s total compensation, for a year or for a month, including extra compensation, shall not exceed the maximum salary as provided in applicable state statutes. A change of title will not be approved in order to pay an individual above his or her existing line item maximum.
  11. Full-time employees may teach for extra compensation with preparation for and time in class falling outside their regular work schedules.
  12. Senior administrators, as defined by the chancellor, shall not be eligible for extra compensation for teaching a class or performing other duties for the university.
  13. Stipend for extra compensation must be authorized to be paid at the regular payroll period for the time period in which it is earned.


  1. Each campus or unit within the University of Arkansas shall establish procedures to receive recommendations for extra compensation. Each campus or unit will monitor extra compensation for conformity to the requirements of this policy. Each chancellor or equivalent officer shall approve each request for extra compensation. Information regarding extra compensation shall be maintained for annual report.
  2. The maximum amount which may be paid to an employee is twenty (20) percent of his or her annual salary, in accordance with restriction number ten (10).
  3. Exceptions to the provisions of this policy will require the approval of the president.

Source: UA Board Policy August 7, 1995
Status: Active
Approved By: UA Board of Trustees, Aug. 7, 1995
Originator: UA Board of Trustees
Custodian: Department of Human Resources