Garnishments and Salary Liens – LR 402.68

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Garnishments and Salary Liens
Policy Number: LR 402.68
Effective Date: January 20, 1995


Wages and other compensations due an employee from the university are legally subject to seizure by a court order of garnishment or by a governmental lien. The university is required to comply with an order of garnishment only when one is issued after a legal judgment has been entered against the employee-debtor. The university must also honor governmental liens such as those arising from claims for unpaid taxes and from bankruptcy claims.

The university has a concern when a garnishment or salary lien is issued against one of its employees and served on the university. Receipt of two orders of garnishment, two salary liens, or a combination of one of each type of seizure during any twelve-month period dating from the receipt of the first such order shall be deemed grounds for termination according to regular university procedures.

The university also has the right to set off any amounts an employee, including a student-employee, owes the university against amounts the university owes that employee. The university may set off against an employee’s wages no more than the amount of those wages that exceeds the statutory minimum hourly wage, unless the payment owed the university is a result of an advance of funds to the employee or a misappropriation of funds or property by the employee; in such cases the university may set off the amount due against all wages and other moneys owed the employee.

Set offs against payments to a student-employee for work-study or as federal loans are subject to laws and regulations governing those programs.

Source: University-wide Administrative Memo 440.9 & 405.2, October 27, 1975
Revised: October 27, 1976; January 20, 1995
Approved By:
Custodian: Department of Human Resources