Summer Teaching – LR 403.24

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Summer Teaching
Policy Number: LR 403.24
Effective Date: June 25, 2012


Allowable Teaching Loads and Compensation
  1. 12-month faculty members are expected to carry a full load in the summer. This may be all teaching or a combination of teaching and other assignments such as serving as graduate coordinator or running a lab or research center. Full-time summer teaching is generally considered to be two courses (6 hours). Overloads will be paid as extra compensation and must be approved by the provost. If a 12-month faculty member’s summer course does not meet minimum enrollment standards, the course should be cancelled and the faculty member reassigned.
  2. 9-month faculty members may teach two (3-hour) courses for up to 15% of their base salary. They may teach a third course if it is online for a total of 22.5% of their base salary. Exceptions may be made for faculty members teaching in accelerated online programs that run year-round. Total summer compensation may not exceed 33.5% of base salary per Board of Trustees policy. A 9-month faculty member whose summer course does not meet minimum enrollment standards, may be allowed to teach the course on a pro rated basis with the approval of the dean.
  3. Chairs and deans are encouraged to distribute summer teaching opportunities equitably among faculty. A third class should not be assigned to any one individual if there is another qualified faculty member who desires summer teaching and has not been given an assignment.
  4. In most cases, faculty members are not given extra compensation or summer pay for the exempted courses listed below.
    • Directed Readings
    • Directed Teaching
    • Dissertation
    • Field Studies
    • Honors
    • Independent Study
    • Internship
    • Labs (with limited space)
    • Law Journal
    • Portfolio
    • Practicum
    • Private Lessons
    • Research
    • Special Problems
    • Special Projects
    • Special Topics
    • Student Teaching
    • Thesis

*Source: Board of Trustees University-Wide Administrative Memorandum 640.1, January 7, 1983

Source: UA Board Policy 435.1, December 8, 1956 & University-wide Administrative Memo 440.5
Revised: February 22, 1976; November 18, 1977; January 31, 1992; June 25, 2012
Approved By: UA Board of Trustees, Jan. 31, 1992
Custodian: Provost