Use of FacFocus – LR 405.6

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Use of FacFocus
Policy Number: LR 405.6
Effective Date: January 16, 2001


FacFocus was originally created to foster communication among faculty regarding university matters. It has become the de facto university email list for all employees. This policy sets up guidelines for the use of FacFocus.

FacFocus is the general email communication system for university matters for all employees. It operates under the following guidelines:

  • Any message posted to FacFocus should be relevant to a majority of campus employees and to the operation of the university.
  • Only employees of UA Little Rock shall be eligible to use FacFocus. Requests for exceptions may only be made by the appropriate vice chancellor. FacFocus is an internal university operated communication channel and may be restricted in its use.
  • Users should remember that it is inappropriate to forward personal email to mailing lists without the original author’s permission.
  • No commercial message, i.e. an offer to sell or trade personal items, should be posted to FacFocus. The email list may be used for this purpose.
  • The subject line should give a clear indication of the subject of the message.
  • The size of attachments should be limited when possible since large attachments sent to all subscribers hampers the system.
  • Suggestions or comments intended for one or a few subscribers should be directed to those individuals or the relevant office. Posting a message to FacFocus that can be addressed by an individual or a specific office is inappropriate.
  • At all times use language and style appropriate to UA Little Rock’s professional environment. Remember that postings to FacFocus might be subject to public record laws. Deleting a message does not necessarily remove the message from the mail server.

Source: Administrative Memo, January 16, 2001
Approved By: Dr. Charles Hathaway, January 16, 2001
Custodian: Office of the Chancellor