Academic Clemency – LR 501.1

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name:  Academic Clemency
Policy Number:  LR 501.1
Effective Date:  January 17, 2023
Revised Dates: October 28, 2022
Most Recent Review Date: October 28, 2022


Any undergraduate student who has previously attended UA Little Rock or its predecessor institutions (Little Rock Junior College or Little Rock University) and whose attendance at UA Little Rock or any institution of higher education has been interrupted for a period of at least two years may qualify to request academic clemency providing he or she meets all of the criteria specified below. Under this policy, a student may apply to have grades and credits earned at UA Little Rock previous to the separation removed from his or her grade point average. Approval of a request for clemency requires the signature of the student’s advisor and the provost.

After re‐entering UA Little Rock following a separation of at least two years from any institution of higher education, a student may request academic clemency at the Office of Records and Registration. The student shall specify the term(s) for which clemency is desired. The request will be forwarded, along with appropriate permanent record information, to the student’s advisor for approval. The advisor shall forward the request to the provost.

Clemency shall cover all credits earned during the term(s) for which clemency is requested. A student who requests and receives academic clemency remains eligible to graduate with honors pursuant to the Honors policy (LR 501.7). The student’s complete record will remain on the transcript with the added notation of academic clemency received.

Any petition for academic clemency must be requested and granted prior to the awarding of a degree. Once the degree is awarded, the record is closed and the academic clemency policy cannot be invoked.

Academic clemency may be approved only once. For purposes of degree requirements, a student who receives clemency must follow the provisions of the Undergraduate Catalog in effect at the time of re-enrollment.

Source: Faculty Senate Minutes October 28, 2022
Status: Active
Approved By: Chancellor Christina Drale
Originator: Faculty Senate
Custodian: Faculty Senate