Admissions Clearance – LR 502.9

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Admissions Clearance
Policy Number: LR 502.9
Effective Date: December 1, 2017


The University of Arkansas at Little Rock (UA Little Rock) has the responsibility to maintain a safe environment. The UA Little Rock community includes faculty, staff, students, community stakeholders, and minors, who visit campus on a regular basis. Due to this, the UA Little Rock enrollment process requires all prospective students pursuing admittance to disclose if they have been convicted of a felony. If the applicant has been convicted of a felony, additional information will be acquired and reviewed.

Once the information has been received, a review process will begin. The purpose is to review appropriate information and decide whether an applicant with a felony conviction should be allowed to enroll.

UA Little Rock will utilize an administrative team to review applicants who affirm that they have been convicted of a felony. The administrative team may include, but not be limited to the following: vice chancellor for student affairs or designee, university police chief, and associate dean of students/director of student conduct, etc.

Students who indicate a felony conviction on the admission application must provide a detailed description of each incident with supporting documentation. Supporting documentation may include but is not limited to: state criminal history report, appropriate court records, police reports, etc.

A prior felony conviction does not preclude admission into the university. However, failure to disclose, withholding of, or submission of false information may result in a revocation of admission and enrollment status or be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.

Source: Student Affairs
Revised:  October 27, 2017; January 12, 2016; November 10, 2017
Approved By: Chancellor Andrew Rogers, November 10, 2017
Custodian: Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs