Declaring a Major – LR 503.6

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University of Arkansas at Little Rock
Policy Name: Declaring a Major
Policy Number: LR 503.6
Effective Date: April 1, 2010 (review date)


When students reach a minimum number of hours or complete certain course requirements as specified by particular colleges within UA Little Rock, they are ready to declare a major and exit University College. Students must request admission into the degree-granting college of their choice by completing a “change your major/minor” process online.

Upon acceptance, the student’s records are sent to the major department where all future advisement will take place. If students are denied admission to their major, they will continue to be advised by the Office of Academic Advising until requirements are met.

Students with double majors must complete two requests to change major and/or minor online. The request will be sent to the student’s major area, and the major department will decide whether the student has met all the requirements necessary to declare a major. Students with double majors do not need to complete a minor. See “Baccalaureate Degree Requirements” in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Students transferring from one UA Little Rock degree‐granting college to another (change of major) complete the request to change major and/or minor online. The request to change major and/or minor is completed by going to the secure portion of BOSS. Go to and log in. Once you log in select “Student Services and Financial Aid” and select “Student Request Menu” to complete the online application. See also “Second Baccalaureate Degree” of the Undergraduate Catalog.

Source: UALR Undergraduate Catalog 2009-10, p. 34
Approved By: VCESS, April 1, 2010
Custodian: Office of Academic Advising